A Quickie With Rebecca Cardon


Bravo TV’s fitness reality hot mess, Work Out, offers more than just weight-loss success stories and
oh-no-she-di-int lesbian drama, courtesy of its star, Jackie Warner. For the
past three seasons, Rebecca Cardon, personal trainer and DFW (Down for
Whatever) fun girl, has remained one of the show’s most popular and essential
cast members.

This season, Rebecca played some lesbian reindeer games on an
Olivia cruise, muscled her way through a grueling fitness DVD taping, and saw her
Season 2 lip friction with Jackie get replaced with just plain old friction, which was then
replaced by friendship.

Rebecca talked to AfterEllen.com recently about her
relationship with Jackie (and its "undeniable chemistry"), our Work Out recaps (yes, she reads them), the
interesting people she meets on MySpace (and how much they’re willing to pay
for her panties), and her experience with a celesbian who is not Jackie (in a tantalizing
blind item).

AfterEllen.com: So,
Season 3 of Work Out is a distant
memory now. Do you have plans for the summer?

Rebecca Cardon: I do. I’m [in]
meetings for potential new projects. I don’t know if we’re going to get a
Season 4 of Work Out. I’m hoping not.
Is that awful that I say that? But I’m hoping not.

AE: Why?
I’m a little bit done with Work
, I think. Three seasons [is]
plenty. But if it happens, I’m happy to do it. I’d be excited about it.

AE: One of my
favorite scenes from this season was the afternoon of pool games on the Olivia cruise.
I wouldn’t mind another season of that.
Was that awesome or what?

AE: It was Must See
TV, and you were a good sport.
I was reluctant to do that. I was not as down for it as they portrayed
me to be. I was like, "Why do I have to do it?" And they said, "Erika
won’t take her pants off and Agostina’s not fun, and Jackie won’t do it." When
did I become the go-to person?

AE: Because you’re
Yeah, I was definitely not DFW that day, but I rallied. Had to think of
my show. And because I had six producers yelling at me.

AE: This year wasn’t
all fun and games, though. Jackie’s reputation took a serious beating over her
handling of boob-gate, among other things.
Yeah, she got a bad rap. People said, "She’s so controlling"
and "She’s so this and that." But that’s who she is and God love her.
She’s also an amazing trainer and a great motivator and she’s very, very smart.
There are a lot of great qualities there.

AE: But as a business
owner, you’re responsible for your staff. To do the right thing and say, "Yes,
we’re sorry," is nothing if not good public relations.

RC: Yeah, I told her: "Just own
it. People will forgive if you just own it and say, ‘You know what, I did it, I
f-ed up, and I suck, and I’m sorry.’" Just own it. If you’ve hurt
somebody, whether or not you feel you’re in the wrong is irrelevant. You need
to go back and say, "I’m sorry." She has difficulty with that.

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