Rumors about the CW, and we don’t mean on “Gossip Girl”


For a channel that nobody’s watching, the CW Network sure is in the press a lot this summer.

From rumors of Gossip Girl spin-offs to the revival of 90210 (and its casting announcements) is the network finding itself with a little momentum? Maybe? Just a little? The network has even gone creative in trying to figure out how to save itself. It’s asking a production company to program its Sunday nights since I guess it couldn’t manage to do itself. For a while it was being reported that the plug might be pulled on the entire thing! We’ve all heard of canceling a show but canceling an entire network?

Who cares about the CW, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you who cares, darn it! OK, fine, not a whole bunch of people it seems, and that’s the real problem it’s facing. If a network airs a show and no one is there to watch it does it make a sound?

The CW, the current home of both Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model, formed in 2006 as a combination of the old UPN and WB networks. It was purposely designed to appeal to the 18-34 demographic sort of like one of its predecessors the WB. That now defunct network had its share of hits (and favorites of many readers) like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Charmed and Popular. (Whoa, that would sure make a good network line-up, no?)

The CW was handed over some pretty popular shows in 2006 but over the two years of its existence it has managed to cancel Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and most recently Girlfriends, Beauty and the Geek and it even canned WWE Wrestling! All of these cancellations have stung the fans of these respective shows (not to mention removed several female-centric shows and that’s annoying!) leaving the media talking heads with questions regarding the CW’s future.

Gossip Girl is the flagship scripted show of the network but one show’s ratings does not a network make. And all though the TV creators of Gossip Girl are trying to squelch the rumors of a Jenny Humphrey spin-off, such a spin-off may come to pass if ratings overall for the network do not improve with the network’s fall schedule. If things get so bad maybe the network will consider giving each of the characters their own separate nights! Hmm, what would that look like … Serena Sundays, Jenny Mondays, Dan Tuesdays, Nate Wednesdays, Parent Thursdays and yes, I’m Chuck Bass Fridays. Oh goodness, I think I’m on to something!

If the CW fails and Gossip Girl fades away to that Brilliant But Canceled TV heaven and America’s Next Top Model slips and trips right off the runway I’ll be one bummed out girl-loving-girl girl. With The L Word leaving the air after this upcoming season I don’t want to think about the possibly of losing more shows that I enjoy watching. (Yes, it’s me, me, me!)

So here’s to hoping the CW’s new shows and new creative programming schemes help secure its survival. Well, at least survive long enough to have one of the Hot 100 Gossip Girls (#43 and #49) come to an I-dig-the-ladies epiphany!

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