“Weeds”: a season premiere tonight, a dimebag tomorrow


The new season of Weeds brings a particular kind of challenge for a blogger: finding new wordplay in the cannabistic world of weed. (See what I did there? Cannabistic? OK, some work, some don’t.) I mean, how many times can I say that Mary Louise Parker is smokin’?

Actually, I probably can say it over and over, as long as I post a picture that proves it. In any case, Season 4 starts tonight on Showtime with Nancy and her high-flying crew in a brand new city on the coast. (Maybe I can work in “coral reefer” somehow. No?) The new, non-suburban setting means that one of my favorite parts of the show is no longer relevant: the theme song, “Little Boxes.”


As music supervisor Christopher Noxon explains to Wired, “With Nancy moving out of Agrestic and out of her ‘little box,’ it just didn’t make sense to stick with ‘Little Boxes.’” Personally, I love the song. I’m partial to the version by the Womenfolk, which (moment of trivia) was the shortest song ever to be on the Billboard Hot 100. Raise your hand if you had an outfit, hairstyle or guitar like this. I got two out of three.


With a couple of ear-splitting exceptions (I’m looking at you, Man Man), I thought the covers of Malvina Reynolds’ classic that opened Weeds episodes in seasons two and three were awesome. In fact, munchie-loving musicians lined up to have a chance to sing it, with many recording homegrown versions of “Little Boxes” and sending them to Showtime.

Fortunately, the song’s popularity is not lost on Weeds producers. On Tuesday, Lionsgate Pictures and Weeds will release the digital-only Little Boxes Dimebag #1, with 10 versions of the theme song. Other 10-song dimebag collections will follow monthly. The compilation also sets the stage for the July 8 release of the Weeds Season 3 soundtrack.

While you’re waiting for the official releases, you can listen to music from all three seasons at Showtime’s Weeds music site.

Are you planning to watch Weeds this season? Any predictions? Will you miss “Little Boxes?”

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