“So You Think You Can Dance” mini-cap: the first two finalists are sent home


Last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance opened with a wonderfully creepy dance featuring all the finalists. Think modern zombie with bright colored clothing. The best part? They gag and tie up Nigel Lythgoe. In the end, he’s saved by Cat Deeley. Of course.

I hate how reality shows drag out the announcements about who’s leaving the show but this one wasn’t too bad. Sure, we see the requisite clips of last night’s show and sometimes Deeley paused a bit before but I didn’t throw things at my screen. (At least, nothing that would break the glass.)

The couples were divided into three groups. Everyone in the first group was safe. Well, duh, it included Twitchington (See how hip I am? I know that’s Kherington and Twitch), Susie and Marquis, and Chelsie and Mark. I doubt anyone thought they were headed for home. We saw two more groups. The bottom three couples were Matt and Kourtni, Rayven and Jamie, and Jessica and Will. Will? Say it ain’t so. The prodigy of Debbie Allen shouldn’t be in this group and Dan Karaty agreed.

Next we’re treated to a dance performance by Poppin’, er, Pete? And mumble mumble. (I couldn’t hear Deeley over the crowd noise and even though I rewound this part, oh, a million point five times, I couldn’t understand her.) They’re pretty freakin’ awesome, poppin’ and breakin’ all over the place even though they’re dressed like accountants.

After the commercial break the dancers are back to “dance for their lives.” (Well, not literally or they’d all be strapped to IVs or something … beautiful strong nurses near by … capable butch doctors … oops, that’s my fantasy, sorry.) Each of the dancers in the bottom does a quick solo then the judges choose who stays and who is forever banished to the dusty pages of dance history.

They all did a credible job although Kourtni looked a little shaky on her arabesque. Rayven did an odd ballerina / floppy doll kind of routine and Jamie offered a hip swiveling see-I’m-really-a-ballroom-dancer kind of presentation. Will danced beautifully.

The judges go off to decide while The Pussycat Dolls writhe across the stage. Stiletto heels! Corsets! Hair tossing! Yawn.

The judges return and the girl finalists are called up. Lythgoe intoned the judges’ unanimous opinion. Kourtni is told she’s safe while Jessica and Rayven are left to stand there like two kids sent to the principal. Even though Jessica “isn’t strong,” she stays and Rayven goes home. Lythgoe said they were disappointed that she only did demi point. (No, it’s not a kind of needlepoint but that means she didn’t stay up on her tippy toes the whole time. Lythgoe, she’s a ballerina, not a circus act.)

The boys are called to the principal’s office, er, stage next. Will is dismissed first, natch. Lythgoe said he’s an incredible dancer and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s down to Jamie and Matt and while Lythgoe said they loved his personality (and I love his name), he’s sent packing.

The closing scene showed the gorgeous Deeley waving and smiling, flanked by a crying Jamie and a surprisingly cheerful Rayven.

Are you surprised by the elimination? (I’m not.) Who do you think might go next? Do you have a sense of their personalities and dancing styles yet? Stay tuned, y’all. Maybe they’ll tie up Murphy next week.

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