Hits you miss: TV shows that should still be on air


I read an interview with Glenn Close last week as she prepared to start filming the second season of Damages.

Even though I had kind of an up and down relationship with Damages last year, I really wish it were on now. I miss it. I suppose that could sound a little pathetic, but I’ve never been one to apologize for watching TV. If you think television’s a waste of time, good for you. Just don’t call me during Grey’s Anatomy, mmkay? Yes, I already miss Grey’s. But how could I not, the way it ended?

The shows I miss the most, though, are shows that aren’t coming back – at least not with new episodes. The passing of comedy legend Harvey Korman last week made me nostalgic for one of my favorites, The Carol Burnett Show. Genius.

Burnett’s show actually was part of a Saturday night trilogy. I can’t think of one without the other two. On first was The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The classic episode, “Chuckles Bites the Dust,” was named the best episode in sitcom history by TV Guide.



After MTM came The Bob Newhart Show, which consistently made me laugh out loud. Actually, its reruns still make me laugh out loud. The show also provided fodder for one of the best series finales ever: the last scene of Bob Newhart’s 80s sitcom, Newhart. I’ve dreamed of waking up with Emily myself more than once. (RIP, Suzanne.)

Murphy Brown also is high on my “wish she were here” list. Candace Bergen’s Murphy was brilliant, funny and very human. And the show had enough edge to cause a public debate on single motherhood, thanks to Dan Quayle. (Republicans are never satisfied. First, they complain when a baby has no father. Then they complain when a baby has two fathers. Sheesh.)

On the drama side, I think the show I miss most is The West Wing. It was nice to at least have a fictional president with brains and integrity. And Claudia Jean Cregg is welcome in my living room any time.

I could go on: Designing Women. thirtysomething. Northern Exposure, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Frasier … But I want to hear from you. What current TV shows do you miss most between seasons? What are your golden oldies? And do you think television is as good as it used to be?

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