Sneak peak: Bravo’s first ever “A-List Awards”


I’m a sucker for Bravo shows like Project Runway and Work Out. The cable network has a way with reality television that is just ultra dramatic and ultra gay, but in a non-sleazy way. So when they announced they were joining the latest trend of having their very own awards show, it piqued my interest. And with Kathy Griffin as the host, it seemed that the occasion would be a must-see, for the possibility of a Jackie Warner joke if nothing else.

Like most other awards shows, the A-list Awards won’t be aired live, so while it taped last night in New York City, we won’t get to watch who wins until June 12. But I happen to enjoy simple spoilers that don’t give too much away, such as who came, what they wore, and what I can expect when it comes on in a couple of weeks. (One thing I did notice: no Jackie Warner in sight! Isn’t this in her contract with Bravo? Someone, look into this.)

The categories for the show are a little different than most, and include A-List TV Show, A-List Drama King, A-List Fashion, and A-List Chef. And it’s not all Bravo shows and their kin nominated, so it doesn’t appear to be all one-sided (yet – we still don’t know any of the winners). Some of the nominees graced the red carpet and the stage of the Hammerstein Ballroom last night. Most of them looked their best, including:

Margaret Cho

Sweet P and Kat Von D

Anna Sui

Tila Tequila

Hey, I thought this was A-list! Where did she come from?

There were several hosts and stars of Bravo shows in attendance, including Padma Lakshmi, Christian Siriano, Tim Gunn, and the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Are the attendees A-list enough for you to tune in June 12?

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