TV alert: “Top Chef” finale begins tonight


Foodies and Padmaites rejoice! The Top Chef: Chicago two-part finale begins tonight and among the final four is chefbian Lisa Fernandes. (The second half of the finale will air next week and conclude with the naming of the new Top Chef). Out New Yorker Lisa outlasted 12 other contestants to make it to the finale, which was filmed in Puerto Rico. Joining her are Chicago chef Stephanie Izard, Los Angeles chef Antonia Lofaso and Atlanta chef Richard Blais.

Stephanie, Lisa, Antonia and Richard

It’s been a long, sometimes infuriating, sometimes exhilarating season on the Bravo reality series. (To see exactly how long and how exhilarating, check out my Top Chef recaps.) The culinary challenge pits up-and-coming chefs from around the country against one another in a series of challenges with one chef being told to pack his/her knives and leave each episode by the show’s delectable host Padma Lakshmi ( Hottie No. 85).

For the first time in the show’s four seasons, three women have made it to the finals. If one of the trio goes on to win, she will also become the first female Top Chef ever. As much as I like Richard and his faux lesbian haircut, I am totally rooting for one of the ladies to prevail.

This season also featured the most-ever out lesbian cheftestants: Fernandes and San Francisco couple Zoi Antonitsas and Jennifer Biesty. Antonitsas and Biesty were sent packing in the fifth and seventh episodes respectively.

Top Chef airs at 10 PM tonight on Bravo. And, heck, even if you aren’t into cooking, there is always Padma. Mmm, Padma, mmm.

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