MTV Movie Awards: the fashion wrap-up


Last week, we gave you a few reasons why you might be into watching the MTV Movie Awards that aired Sunday night. While there probably were some highlights on the actual show (such as Ellen Page winning for Best Female Performance in Juno), most of the goods came from the women posing as they arrived. Here’s a look at some of our favorite females and their fashion choices for the award show.

Charlize Theron

Leave it to Charlize to look chic in a corset with a pair of slacks. Unlike some celebs, she never seems to overdo it. It must be because of her natural beauty. She could probably make zoo pants look sexy.

Ellen Page

The rising star looked casual and hip, per usual, in her blazer and black jeans with sneakers. She pulls off the “just-dressed-up-enough” look effortlessly, and it’s actually when she looks her best.

Lauren Conrad

The Hills beauty wears bright blue beautifully. I’ve always admired her ability to stay trendy yet classic. She won’t be on anyone’s worst dressed list anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Lindsay Lohan

For someone who has a pretty good fashion track record, I expect a little better from LiLo. This purple outfit was just lacking some oomph that I’ve come to expect from this label lover. She would have at least looked a little better with a Ronson on her arm.

Megan Good

The best part of this ensemble is the shoes. Speaking of blazing blues, it seems Ms. Good would have benefited from some color on her torso instead of her toes. The silver just doesn’t sparkle as much as Good should.

Tila Tequila

I’ve come to realize Tila is never going to be the best dresser, nor will she come close, but I can appreciate when she covers it up a little and attempts to be a little less tacky. She’s heading in the right direction with this draping number. I’ll take this over assless chaps anyday.

Did you watch the show? Who were your fashion hits and misses?

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