“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


But Spike knows better. He says the common person thought
his dish was amazing.

Spike: It’s a
lunch box for God’s sake.
There were seven chefs, four dishes were better.
In your opinion.
Unfortunately for you, my opinion is what matters.

See, I told you so.

Third time is
uncharming —
So, can Lisa buck the judge-questioning, I-know-better trend?
Based on body language alone, I’m pessimistic.

The judges asks why she thinks she is there and she tells
them to tell her. And they do. It wasn’t a stir-fry, and lots of things weren’t
cooked properly. Undercooked long beans. Undercooked shrimp. Undercooked rice.

Lisa: Somebody
f—ed with my rice.

Language, language. It’s Judges’ Table, not college locker

The judges want to know how she knows it was sabotage and
not an accident. She says she watched it carefully, used a timer, etc., etc.
But Tom says that even without the rice issues, the uncooked shrimp was the
bigger problem.

Look out for that bus
— Padma asks if they have anything else to add before the judges’
deliberate. Now, maybe my memory is faulty, but I don’t remember her asking
that ever before, do you? Is anyone else a little suspicious? I mean, why ask
that now?

Lisa: This is
coming down to a competition where it is every person for themselves and
everyone else can fall to the floor and I’m going to kick you while you’re
down. There were specific rules to this challenge … Not all three people
standing up here right now did that. I don’t want to be pointing fingers, but if
you don’t follow the rules, that’s what you guys have sent people home for.

Ahhh, that’s why.

Clearly the judges just wanted to see if someone would call
out Andrew, because after Lisa mentions it, they say, “We were aware of
it.” Way to milk the drama, Bravo. Very clever.

Against the grain —
Padma asks Andrew why he didn’t use a whole grain.

Andrew: I wanted
to show you something different and I want to use rice, in parentheses, as
something that would bind.

Gosh, that’s an awfully convoluted way to say “I

But then Bravo’s nefarious plan really falls into place as
Andrew and Lisa go at it.

Andrew: Hey, it’s
all good, you called me out. Moving on, please, thank you.
You would have done the same thing to me.
No I wouldn’t have, that’s the difference.
: If I say any more I’m scared I’m going to get punched.

Who is stewing now —
Sent back to the Stew Room, Andrew gives Lisa the evil eye. Really, really

Antonia says it is freaking her out. Me too, cut it out.

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