“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


Brown bagging it —
The judges (Tom, Padma, Sam and former Queer
foodie Ted Allen) come in to get their free lunches. See, there is such
a thing as a free lunch.

They seem to like Stephanie’s soup and call it hearty and well-seasoned.
The cops declare it “better than McDonald’s.”

Spike and his “significant advantage” are less
impressive. Padma calls it a “very pedestrian chicken salad.” Tom
incredulously holds up three of Spike’s four exclusive ingredients — the
lettuce, bread and tomato. Gee, who would have thought focusing on how to screw
up other people’s dishes versus focusing on your own dish would have backfired?

Dale’s lemongrass bison wraps get high marks, as does
Antonia’s curry beef.

Nutritious, just not
so delicious —
When Ted goes to get Andrew’s dish, he gets a lecture about
how seriously Andrew takes nutrition. Also, did you know wasabi helped with
tooth decay? I did not. Maybe it’s because if you rub it on your gums you won’t
want to eat anything for a month, thus eliminating the possibility of food
getting stuck between your teeth. Hey, it’s just a theory.

But remember, the dish has to be healthy and tasty.

Padma: Oooh, it’s
very strange.

That’s not the reaction you want. And it only gets worse
when they realize he didn’t use a whole grain.

When Sam comes to collect his lunch, Richard gets off his
last “Do you like burritos?” Luckily for him Sam does, as do the rest
of the judges and the assembled police officers.

As Tom comes to get her dish, Lisa is nervous about her rice
but trying to not let it show. Unfortunately for her, acting cool doesn’t
change the fact that the rice is undercooked. And, yes, the judges noticed.

As the chefs pack up and leave, they confess to not knowing
what will happen. No one is sure if their dishes hit or bombed — well, except
for Andrew who feels good enough to dance.

Dancing fool — As
the chefs wait in the Stew Room, they discuss what went right and wrong. Lisa
complains about her rice. Spike says she didn’t need a grain, but she corrects
him and says you needed to have all four. This is big news to Andrew, and he
confesses to the group he didn’t have one.

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