“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


Lisa tries to salvage her dish by putting some of the

cooking liquid in the container in hopes that it will steam when microwaved.

As the chefs scramble to finish, utensils and bodies fly

everywhere. But everything makes it into the blue coolers in time, and it’s off

to face the police.

Run, it’s the cops! —

At the police academy, it’s time to let their dishes get frisked. The chefs set

up in the cafeteria and write out microwaving directions for their dishes. Lisa

is “s—ing a brick” about her rice. Maybe I’m just squeamish, but I

think talk of defecation and talk of food should be kept separate, even if


As the cops and cadets come in, it’s time to sell, sell,


Richard has his sales pitch down.

Richard: Do you

like burritos?

We’re going to have to discuss Richard’s headband

thingamajig. Seriously, what is that? Does he realize he is being taped? Does

he know millions of people will see his flattened faux hawk? Does he own a


OK, but back to his endlessly chipper burrito query. Spike

calls it cheesy and says he can’t take it anymore. I can’t take the fact that

Spike seems to have an endless array of ridiculous kerchiefs on his head. What

is it with the guys and their headgear this season?

As the service continues, Spike has his own method for

luring in the cops. He puts two containers on the table and tells prospective

tasters they are going fast. Once they leave, he pulls out another two from his

stash behind the table.

Lisa calls it sneaky, but then doesn’t see the point since

they aren’t getting judged on whose dish is most popular or what the police

thought about their meals. I agree. So much subterfuge, so little point.

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