“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


The waiting is the
hardest part —
The other chefs stand at the entrance way in misery, waiting
for Spike’s reign of asshattery to end.

Antonia calls him on his scheming ways.

Antonia: If he
doesn’t use those tomatoes tomorrow, he is going straight to hell … The fact
that he is actually thinking how he can screw the rest of us up leads me to
believe that he hasn’t really put that much thought into his own dish.


Not that Spike is honest about it when faced with the other

Spike: It’s
nothing personal, it’s just a dish I wanted to make.

But behind their backs is another story.

Spike: Have fun
making a lunch box with no bread, no salad, no tomato and no chicken.

Asshat status: cemented.

After seeing what Spike picked, Andrew calls them the most “dumbed
down” ingredients and says that most of the chefs are “stupid”
and “not creative enough” to make something without them. Except him,
of course. God, is asshat contagious?

Finally, the rest of the chefs get their chance to race
through the aisles. Spike’s choices have knocked some people off their game

Andrew is supremely confident with the challenge because he
studied nutrition for two years. Confidence leads to cockiness in the checkout
lane as he pushes his purchases into Stephanie’s face.

Andrew: Smell it.
Smell it. Smell the success. Success! Success!

Guess that answers the contagious question.

Lunch break — Back
in the Top Chef Kitchen, the chefs
get their healthy on. Antonia is making a curry beef dish. Andrew is making
sushi rolls with a parsnip and pine nut mixture as his “rice.”

Chicago gal Stephanie, who knows a thing or two about
Midwestern appetites, is confused by his sushi choice. Healthy, sure. But
filling — not so much. And, remember, they are serving cops. Those doughnut
jokes have to come from somewhere.

The rest of the chefs reveal their healthy offerings. Dale
is making cabbage cups with a Thai-flavored lemongrass bison mix. Antonia, who
is on a roll calling folks out, says that Dale only cooks Thai food and that he
will “totally go down for it” someday.

Lisa has decided to go with a vegetable and shrimp stir fry.
She gets her brown rice into the pan right away, because it takes a long time
to cook. As she cuts her shrimp, Andrew points out to her that shrimp have a lot
of cholesterol.

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