“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


Which one is the
salad fork again?
— Stephanie, in the last-second frenzy, doesn’t get her
artichoke chip on her plate. But, too late now, here come the judges. How does
everyone fare according to Sam?

Andrew‘s Thai
fruit salad — “The Sriracha [hot sauce] gives it good flavor.”
‘s sensual beef salad — “It’s nice to see the contrast in
‘s sexy banana seafood salad — “I don’t taste a lot of spice at
‘s fall duet salad — “Thank you.”
‘s poached egg and wild mushroom salad — “It’s got great
‘s fruit and veggie ceviche salad — “Thank you.”
‘s poached chicken salad — “That is actually really moist.”

You just know the news isn’t good when all the judge says is
“thank you.” And, indeed, it isn’t good news for Richard and
Stephanie. Their salads are judged worst. Also in the bottom is Lisa for her
overwhelming banana. Wait, that came out wrong. Her salad had too much banana
flavor, not enough seafood flavor.

Whose salads were tossed properly in Sam’s opinion? We got
your sexual metaphors right here: Spike’s came together, Antonia’s had a sexy
yolk, and Dale’s nailed it.

But who was the sexiest of them all? Spike. Wow, that is
wrong in so many ways. Spike doesn’t get immunity, but he does get that “significant

You want fries with
that? —
Padma and Sam walk in carrying trays filled with greasy, fatty,
salty food. They call it unhealthy, I call it dinner.

Actually, it’s lunch. Well, it’s an average lunch order for
the officers and cadets at the Chicago Police Academy. Padma talks about the
epidemic of obesity and diabetes in America. Sam, who is a diabetic, talks
about how hard it is to find food that is low in sugar and carbohydrates. And
then it’s challenge time.

The chefs must make healthy, gourmet boxed lunches using at
least one ingredient from each of the following food groups: whole grains, lean
proteins, fruits and vegetables. Their challenge is to “protect their
health and serve them something tasty.”

You’ve got to change
your evil ways —
Spike then learns what his “significant advantage”
is. He gets a 10-minute shopping head start and can pick one item from each of
the four food groups that only he can use.

Spike: I am going
to start showing people the tricks I have up my sleeve because everything is a
strategy at this point.

The rest of the chefs are none-too-pleased with Spike’s

Stephanie: I
think Spike is the worst person to get the advantage because he can sort of
f— us all over. Which I am sure he is very excited about.

And, of course, he is excited about it. He says he likes
being able to “piss everybody off” even better than immunity.

Spike: My
personal strategy is just to choose some ingredients that will just make it
very difficult for the competition.

He picks chicken breast, tomatoes, bread and lettuce. With
each choice, he boasts about taking away that ingredient from the other chefs.
Shouldn’t he worry about what he is putting into his own dish? Because those
ingredients are boring as all get out.

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