“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”


‘Cause baby, something beautiful’s dying — Last week, the slightly

bitter stew between Jackie and Rebecca came to a boil when Jackie jumped in,

mid-sit-up, and took over Rebecca’s Olivia Cruise boot camp. Accusations were

hurled, motives were questioned, smack was talked. After several minutes of

lively debate, Jackie finally pulled rank and told Rebecca to get over herself.


Being demoted from Jackie’s

Special Plaything to ordinary staff member isn’t sitting well with Sky Sport’s

resident cuddle monkey.

Rebecca: When two people are as close

as we were, and then to have the relationship just sort of fizzle — it feels

like a death, almost. Something has shifted in our relationship, and it is

clear to me now that Jackie is going to be different towards me. By “different,”

I mean “not friendly.”

Jackie: Rebecca and I had a very

playful — I thought kind of innocent — relationship. I met someone. I fell in

love. And I tried to maintain a relationship, a friendship, with her. But she’s

spinning out a little bit. I’ve not changed. The circumstances changed between

us. And now she’s taking everything that I say to her very personally.

Their work relationship

has changed forever. And there’s yet another reason why you should never have

an affair with someone you work with. Lawsuits, charges of favoritism, knowing

what a co-worker’s orgasm face looks like — it’s all so wrong.

Peelerbuilt — Back on dry land, Brian is keeping the home thighs

burning with a SkyLab cardio class. Only Shannon, Natalie and Tyra bothered to

show up. Where is everybody?

Let’s see. Lazy Paisley is in the parking lot at Ralph’s, watching a stock

boy carry bags of groceries to her car. Former linebacker

Damon is somewhere having a beer with his buddies, bragging about being a

weightlifter because he joined a gym four days ago.

With the least amount of

weight to lose, Micah and Victoria are together at Outback Steakhouse, sharing

a Bloomin’ Onion and

feeling oh so smug. And Deenie is at the mall, pacing back and forth in front

of the Gap,

muttering, “Someday. Someday, mutha-f—ers …”

Because of the smaller

class size, Brian is able to give his own client, Shannon, and the other ‘Labbers

plenty of personalized, uninterrupted, intense attention. Does it get any

better-slash-worse? He orders them onto the treadmills.

Brian: I want you to take the incline

up to 15.

Tyra: Huh?! What?

Shannon: Welcome to my world.

Tyra: I never even knew they had a

15 on a treadmill.

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