Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 11, 2008)



I’m resting comfortably after my whirlwind trip to Dinah Shore weekend with some of the gang. Sarah and Lori hauled us out to the desert to represent, and that we did. But we also had some fun.

Some of my favorite moments included getting my eardrums blasted at the Pat Benatar concert (yep, she’s still got it), hanging out with L Word troublemaker Elizabeth Keener, watching the go-go dancers shake their moneymakers at the Paris ’08 dance party, meeting the Big Gay Sketch Show women (Julie Goldman, Kate McKinnon and Nicole Paone), attempting doing improv with Michelle Paradise, Marnie Alton, Bridget McManus, Jill Bennett, Dara Nai and Cathy DeBuono), talking about comedy writing with Time-Traveling Lesbian Rebecca Drysdale, hot-tubbing with Dee and Jenn from the Come With Me if You Want to Live vlog, watching my pal Jill vamp on the runway at the fashion show, and digging Bridget’s car out of a sandpit. (Just kidding, that part sucked.)

Here are some photos from the event:

View the rest of the photos in our extensive collection of Dinah Shore Weekend 2008 Photos.

Bridget and I wore our You Can’t Take Them Anywhere hats to The Dinah (complete with visors), and we did red carpet interviews with a gaggle of celebrities, including Jane Lynch, Jenny Shimizu, Dani Campbell, Thea Gill and many more. Here are some stills from our interviews:

Starting on Sunday with Brunch With Bridget, we’ll be posting a new Dinah-related video almost every day next week — including the YCTTA red carpet video footage, so you can see the interviews in all their live-action glory.

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