Guess what’s back, back again. TV’s back, tell a friend.


To fully appreciate this post, I’d like everyone to sing the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song. All together now: “Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out…” Hmm, too young for the Sweathogs? OK, how about Eminem’s “Without Me” instead? Ready: “Guess who’s back? Back again…” Look, if you’re too young for that one then it’s time to go back to your carpet and finish nap time, m’kay? My point — and I just might actually have one — is that this week it’s time to officially welcome back television.

After the long winter of our discontent known as Writers Strike ‘07 (and a bit into ‘08), spring-fresh episodes of your favorite scripted shows are being served up all this month. Back Wednesday are CSI: New York and Criminal Minds. Returning Thursday are My Name Is Earl, CSI and Without a Trace. Coming Friday is Ghost Whisper. And, yes, the Earl episode is the one with Paris Hilton. But, look, Alyssa Milano will also guest star if that helps.

The rest of the happy returns this month:

April 7: Samantha Who?

April 8:  Boston Legal, NCIS

April 10: The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, ER

April 11: Moonlight

April 13: Desperate Housewives

April 14: Rules of Engagement, One Tree Hill, Bones

April 15: Law & Order: SVU

April 16: ‘Til Death, Back to You

April 17: Smallville

April 20: Brothers and Sisters

April 21: Gossip Girl

April 22: Reaper

April 23: Law & Order, The Game

April 24: Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Supernatural

April 28: House

Clearly, April 10 fills me with glee (30 Rock! 30 Rock! 30 Rock!). Same goes for April 14 (for Bones, I’ve never even heard of Rules of Engagement) and April 24 (Ugly Betty, baby). But why, TV gods, why are you making us wait all the way until April 28 to find out if Thirteen’s bisexuality returns along with the writers on House?

So, which shows will you welcome back with open arms? Any you’ve decided to drop? And, most importantly, did you manage to finally finish any books off your “Will read eventually” stack on your nightstand?

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