“American Idol”: More Beatles, but why?


The American Idol
producers thought last week’s show went so well, they might as well do
an “encore night” of Beatles songs. I guarantee you
they regret their decision today. Last night, most of the contestants chose to pass on some of the more well-known
Beatles songs, and very few performances stuck out. Luckily,

for Kristy Lee Cook though, no one was completely dreadful
this week, either. Amanda Overmyer
finally got a chance to open the show last night, and I thought she
looked great. Thank goodness they stopped overdoing it with her style.

As far as her sound, well,
it was the same-old, same-old, and I think her time might be running
out unless she can show us something new next week.

Kristy Lee Cook was
as boring as usual. She is so out of her league in this competition,
it’s ridiculous. Sadly, my favorite lady, Brooke White,
was also fairly bland. She sang “Here Comes the Sun,” and
when I say that’s what she sang, I’m being literal. Those
were virtually the only lyrics she used in the entire performance.
It was repetitive and awkward. She was totally out of her element,
and I was totally disappointed. I’m just going to forget about
that performance and focus back on “Let It Be” and “Love Is a Battlefield.”

The one bright spot on the
night was our favorite Irish lady, Carly
. She definitely loses points in my book, though,
for her odd (and unnecessary) use of symbolism while explaining to Simon
why she chose, out of the entire Beatles’ collection, to sing about
a blackbird.



I think I prefer her voice
in the lower register. And she got a “7” tattooed on her hand, for Season 7 of American
! Neat!

In Syesha Mercado’s
video clip, she revealed that her most memorable moment on Idol

thus far is being in the bottom three last week, and that she would be
singing “Yesterday.” I was pleased last week that no one had chosen to massacre
the classic, but realized it was inevitable when they chose to repeat
the theme. Syesha’s version, although slightly altered and pitchy
in parts, was actually fairly good. And I agreed with Simon (as
I tend to do) that she probably saved herself with the performance.



Ramiele Malubay, on the
other hand, is possibly in trouble. She wanted to choose an upbeat
song so as not to bore the judges again, yet she still managed to pick
a snoozer. What happened to “A Hard Day’s Night” or “Love
Me Do” or “Help”?

David Archuleta,

David Cook, Jason Castro, and Michael Johns all had
solid enough performances to keep them around another week.
? Not so much.

Though I was off on my prediction
last week (Hey, my two choices were
in the bottom three!), I’ll continue to offer one.

My prediction: The bottom three
will be Chikezie, Kristy Lee Cook and Amanda Overmyer.

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