Meet the Lesbians of “Top Chef ” Season 4


You don’t have to know if lemon zest is an ingredient or a bar soap to
enjoy a TV show about food, especially if the person whisking her heart out is
a lesbian chef. Season 4 of Bravo’s hit reality show, Top Chef, which premieres tonight, features not one, not two, but three chefbian contestants: New
Yorker Lisa Fernandes, and San Franciscans Jennifer Biesty and Zoi Antonitsas. Mouth-watering
dishes, heated drama and women wielding extremely sharp knives: What more could
anyone want?

How about a lesbian romance? Adding a twist to this season is the fact
that Biesty and Antonitsas are longtime partners who applied knowing they’d
have to out-sauté each other to win the coveted title of Top Chef.

I recently talked with all three contestants about their favorite dishes,
sexism in the kitchen, and how to boil the perfect egg.


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