Julianna Margulies tells her own “Canterbury’s” tale


Legal dramas come and go, and
for the most part, I don’t pay that much attention. You’ve heard one
“You’re out of order!”/”No, you’re out of order!” exchange and
you’ve heard them all. But, while watching Fox recently (oh, Sarah
, done so soon?), I was stopped in my tracks by a preview for
the new drama Canterbury’s
. Actually,
it’d be more accurate to say I was dropped in my tracks: It packs a punch.

The preview struck me (oh,
the puns!) in several ways. First, how great is it to see Julianna
back on TV? I’ve been a fan of hers since her ER
days; what can I say, the pale skin, black hair, great eyebrows combo
totally works for me. Wrap that all up in a smart power suit, and I am

Second, early reviews have
been favorable. Matt Roush at
TV Guide

called it “House in stiletto heels with a law degree.” Be
still my heart. Now if only Olivia Wilde or Lisa Edelstein
would do a crossover episode. Julianna stars as Elizabeth Canterbury,
a rebellious defense attorney who isn’t above breaking the law to win
justice for her clients. While she is a rising star in the legal world,
her personal life is more complicated. She and her husband (Aidan
) are haunted by the still-unsolved disappearance of their
young son years ago.

Third, I find the show’s focus
on a female defense attorney refreshing. If you think about it, outside
of comedies (cough, Ally McBeal, cough), most legal shows feature
male leads or large ensemble casts. And, let’s face it, TV can always
use another tough, smart, three-dimensional female character.

And finally, Julianna’s familial roots in
the law run deep
Her grandmother was one of the first female lawyers in New York state,
graduating NYU Law School in 1924 when women were still not allowed
to take the bar exam there. She helped to break that barrier, and helped
to start the Women’s Bar Association in the Bronx before becoming a
judge. Julianna said she took the role of Julia Canterbury to honor her grandmother.

Canterbury’s Law debuts
10 p.m. Monday on Fox. So, what do you think? Are you intrigued by this
new Canterbury’s tale?

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