Pat Benatar hits “Y&R” with her best shot


a Valentine’s gift planned for the soap opera–viewing masses. On Feb.
14 and 15, she will guest star on

(otherwise know as The Young and
the Restless

Not only will she (and husband,
guitarist Neil Giraldo) perform the song “Every Time I Fall
Back,” but she’ll also help Nia Peeples‘ character conquer
her stage fright and wow the crowd at the Y&R

nightclub. I’m glad to know that Pat Benatar has such a generous spirit,
but I cannot imagine Nia Peeples having trouble singing — or dancing
— in front of a crowd. She was Nicole on Fame, after all!

If there’s anything intelligent
to say about Y&R, I am not the one to say it. My daytime
soap–watching history is very limited. In 1987, my brother introduced
me to the Buchanans of One Life to Live, when he was mesmerized
by the evil deeds of Mitch Lawrence — who turned out to be the actual
devil! I revisited the show five years later when Ryan Phillippe joined
as a gay teenager. (I was working at GLAAD at the time, so watching was really
just a job requirement. I kept watching for a year or so after I left
GLAAD, because I was just that dedicated.) But that one blip — plus a
couple of episodes of Days of Our Lives when a friend was on
— was it, as I’m really not a soap lover.

But I have loved Pat Benatar
since I was young and restless. In 1981, I had no idea who she was when
I received her album Crimes of Passion as a birthday gift at
my roller-skating birthday party.

I soon learned who she was,
and spent the next few years listening to her string of hits — and watching
her videos! (This was the ’80s — the heyday of music videos.) And she
was just the best, a classically trained
who rocked
her heart out. So I could take some cheap shots about her going the
soap route (and, for the record, Jewel was on Y&R too) but, even
though I believe she could take my best shot, I won’t go there. Because
I’d rather just revisit her glory days of video past.

Remember how angry and rebellious
she was in “Love Is a Battlefield”? I recall from Pop-Up Video that she learned to dance for this



And then there was the impassioned
“Invincible,” with all the clips of Helen Slater looking very
baby-dyke-ish. (The song was part of the soundtrack for The Legend of Billie Jean.)



And, finally, there was her Rosie the Riveter turn in “Shadows of the Night.”



So I will watch The Young
and the Restless
on Feb. 14 and 15
and hope that Pat Benatar still rocks the house.

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