Live-blogging the Xena Convention: Saturday, part 1


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Lucy Lawless made her fans very very happy last night at a packed
concert at LA’s legendary Roxy. She sang an eclectic set of rock-tinged
favorites, with a smaller band and a more intimate vibe than last
year’s more razzle-dazzle, post-Celebrity Duets show.

And she made them — oh, who am I kidding, she made us
more than happy when Xena co-star Renee O’Connor came out on stage to
sing a duet of Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty rocker "Stop Draggin’ My Heart

MC Kat Crimmins warmed up the crowd, saying that after appearing with
Lucy last year, she was always getting recognized on the street by Xena
fans. There are apparently a lot of rumors going around about her, too,
and she wanted to clear one of them up: "Alexis Arquette and I are not
dating. But that’s only because she won’t return my calls."

She confided that there’s even been some fan fiction written about
her. "In most of them I’m this young Amazon warrior, and Xena shows up
in my village to help us battle the Cylons. We butt heads, then go on a
scouting mission and end up by the campfire. Some of the things the
writers have us do, I couldn’t imagine.

"Well, I have imagined them. In fact, I suggested them. So, keep up the good work."

After Lucy sang "I Wanna Kiss You All Over," some adoring fan
tossed a pair of pink-polka-dotted panties up on stage, and Lucy
laughed, "Well, that’s a first. And I do not want to see this become a habit."

Then Renee came out, in black leather pants and a gittery top, and sang
"Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around" with Lucy. At one point Lucy tossed the
panties at Renee, who stuffed them down the back of her pants. When the
number was over, she threw them back into the crowd.

Lucy said, "Oh yeah now they’ve been inside your trousers, they want them back!"

Lucy teased Renee about Xena fan fiction, and then they took some
prepared (or as Lucy called them, "doctored,") fan questions for Renee.

"When you’re very shy, and want to tell someone you love them, what do you do?"

Renee smiled. "When they call and ask you to sing a duet with them, you say yes."

Lucy also welcomed best friend Marissa Jaret Winokur, who originated the Broadway version of Hairspray‘s
Tracy Turnblad, up on stage for a game of "Who Knows Lucy Best, Friend
or Fans?" The fans won, and in case it ever comes up, after a lot of
trial and error, Lucy’s least favorite way to die is by crucifixion.

Lucy did three encores, and is going to do it again tonight, and then again in London in May.

She and Renee will be apearing at the Xena convention this
afternoon, and I’ll be blogging it live, and getting more photos, too.
Just click on the link up at the top of this post for all the
convention coverage.

Update: I’m live-blogging Lucy and Renee’s appearance here!

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