Is Lena too lean to be Sarah Connor?


You know, I thought that

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (for which Dorothy Snarker helpfully coined the acronym T:SCC) would make
fans of kick-ass females happy. I mean, here’s a show that is entertaining,
well acted and has not one, but two hot women stars, Lena Headey and Summer Glau.

As Ms. Snarker so delightfully
put it, whoever cast those two together “deserves a raise or, at
the very least, a large muffin basket.”

The series is not perfect,
but it’s definitely worth watching. And compared to Bionic Woman,
is beyond brilliant. So, what’s the problem? According to
some Terminator fans, Headey is too thin. Painfully thin. Emaciated, even.

Huh? That is not an emaciated
woman. Thin, yes. Fit, yes. But too
thin? I don’t think so. Granted, Headey is not ripped like the original
Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton. But who is?

Yet, that is exactly what fans
of Sarah Connor expected of the star of T:SCC. A fan site, The Sarah Connor
Charm School
, which
describes its philosophy as “physical feminism” inspired by
Sarah Connor’s “waitress-to-warrior” story told in the Terminator
movies, considers Headey’s casting a betrayal.

“Here they were offering
our dream, a show supposed (by the title) to be focused on our hera
[sic], our role model and they destroy it by casting a very thin, unhealthy
looking actress in the role of a physical feminist icon!”

The site laments that Headey
“will inspire eating disorders rather than fitness and strength.” Excuse me? Headey inspires many things,
but one thing she does not make me want to do is stop, um, eating.

Headey is aware of the criticism
but doesn’t take it to heart. “The film had the luxury of more
money and more time,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “If they were gonna give me
a month, and a trainer every day, and a chef, then it would be fantastic.
It’s a TV show, for God’s sake!”

Is Headey too skinny? Get ready
to weigh in. Just to be thorough, here are a few different angles of
the subject in question: the full body, the back and the arm. The gun
doesn’t count, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

What do you think? Too thin
or just right? To be Sarah Connor, I mean. We already know she’s just
right for everything else.

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