“Ugly Betty”: an outcast among her own people


How can anyone not love Ugly Betty?

Strange as it seems, Freep.com reports that Colombians are not too fond of

the American version of their country’s show, Yo Soy Betty la Fea.

They see the U.S. show as a lame imitation of the original. Fabian Sanabria

of Universidad Nacional doesn’t mince words in stating his feelings

toward Ugly Betty.

“Watching the gringo version

would be like reading 100 Years of Solitude in English. It

makes no sense.”

Hmm. I read One Hundred

Years of Solitude
in English and it made perfect sense to me. At

least it did after I got past the Buendía family lineage.

In any case, Sony Entertainment

Television, which operates the Latin American cable channel airing

Ugly Betty, isn’t too concerned. The show is a hit in other countries,

including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And it will have

Spanish subtitles that let translators make the jokes more relevant

to Latin American viewers. America Ferrera‘s hotness, however,

needs no translation.

Ugly Betty actually

differs quite a bit from Yo Soy Betty la Fea, especially in its

attitude. Betty la Fea was a daily soap opera (Betty’s dad is

hooked on the Mexican version, La Fea Más Bella), whereas the

American version is a weekly comedy. And although the concept of the

geeky girl working in the fashion industry is the same, the two Bettys

are not. In fact, Ferrera based her character on the very British Bridget Jones more

than the main character in Betty la Fea. Hey, maybe one of the

other Betty actresses will be inspired by Bridget’s admirer, Rebecca.

Wherever the inspiration came

from, Ferrera certainly seems to be getting Betty right. She just won the best actress

at the Family

Television Awards to add to her Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG awards.

Ferrera also seems to be getting

her own life right. She recently told Monsters & Critics that the paparazzi don’t bother following

her because her life is not all that interesting.

“Paparazzi will sit outside

my house to see where I’m going, then when they see I’m on my way to

work they’ll be like, ‘This is boring,’ then drive off.”

Silly paparazzi. I, for one,

would happily follow Ferrera — or Betty — anywhere.

Any readers from Colombia out

there who would like to comment? I’d love to get your opinion. Have

any other international readers seen Ugly Betty? I’d love your

opinion, too. In fact, I’d love opinions from everybody. Let’s have

an Ugly Betty opinion marathon. Hey, we have to do something

to get us to the weekend.

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