“Mutant Enemy Day” on the picket lines


Ever wonder what would happen if Joss Whedon sent out a call to action? The answer appeared in the form of 400 actors, writers and fans walking the WGA picket lines with Whedon this past Friday, including Buffy writing alums Drew Goddard and Jane Espenson.

Sarah Michelle Gellar brought doughnuts.

Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion reminisced about Firefly.

And Eliza Dushku was there, instead of filming the new show Dollhouse, which is being created for her by Whedon.

Obviously, Dollhouse is one of the many shows on hold until the strike ends. Not that Dushku isn’t keeping busy in the meantime. She’s set to star in a new independent film called The Thacker Case, based on the 1983 death of Kevin Thacker, a repeat drunk-driving offender found dead in an alley behind the Marshalltown, Iowa police station after an arrest. Dushku will be playing a young attorney assisting with the wrongful death case.

Filming on the indie flick started last week in both Iowa and Los Angeles. Clearly Dushku managed to squeeze out a day off to go support her friend Joss out on the picket lines. Would it be too stalkerish of me to try to find out when she’ll be filming in Iowa, just so I can go catch a glimpse?

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