The Lo-Down: “A Shot at Love” Episode 9 and “Life” Episode 10


I don’t know about you guys, but the holidays (and our jam-packed editorial calendar) are making me feel a bit frazzled these days (no, I haven’t had any tequila recently), as evidenced by the fact that I started off this episode of The Lo-Down with a typo. This week Sarah P. and I chat about A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila Episode 9, not Episode 8 as it says in the opening title, as well as Episode 10 (“Dig a Hole”) of Life. Hey, at least that typo wasn’t as bad as this one.

I also took note of your desires to have our vlog available on Daily Motion, so this time, instead of trying to edit our rambling down to 20 minutes, I cut the whole thing in two parts so that you can see them on either Veoh or Daily Motion. Here’s what you can look forward to in Part 1:

    • Sarah reveals she, too, is actually starting to like Tila. (“Not that much!” Sarah insists.)
    • Ding-dong! The witch Amanda is dead gone! But we will miss her rubber-tastic facial expressions.
    • Dani’s in the final two! Malinda and Sarah predict who will actually win a shot at love with Tila.
    • Sarah Shahi gets kissed by a woman on Life, and why that should happen more often.
    • If we were reincarnated, who would we come back as? Which is continued in …

Part 2, where we essentially goof off for about 12 minutes with the following material:

  • More reincarnation fantasies!
  • The Amanda and Tila dolls reveal what they really did on their date night. Let’s just say their role-playing needs some work.

And last but not least, our question of the week: Who actually got some action on their overnight date with Tila? We postulate our theories in the vlog, so tell us yours in the comments!

Watch Part 1:

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