“Bones” gets in the holiday spirit


Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t
watched last night’s episode of Bones, stop reading or don’t
blame me when I ruin the surprise. OK, are they gone? Great, cause we’ve
got to talk. So, was it good for you? The inevitable happened on Bones
last night as Brennan and Booth had their first kiss. The show’s Christmas
episode made good use of mistletoe for the silly yet surprisingly sweet

Sure, the kiss wasn’t exactly
passionate. Or romantic. Or done of their own free will. But Emily
and David Boreanaz
still played it off pretty perfectly, mixing stoic professionalism with
confused chemistry. And the gum thing was priceless.

In fact, I think it deserves
a second look. First, the setup.

Then the result.

But now that they’ve smooched,
will the show change? A big part of its charm has been Brennan and Booth’s
meets X-Files
sexual tension. Both those shows masterfully employed the will-they-or-won’t-they
tease … until they didn’t. Many critics consider the Maddie/David
consummation the jump-the-shark moment. And fans are still waiting for
proper Scully/Mulder kissage. When it comes to sexual tension, actually
having sex can totally kill the mood. Sure, shippers clamor for the
couplings. But once it happens, what is left to root for? There is a
reason fairy tales end with happily ever after.

Still, with Bones, I
think the show did a smart thing by teasing fans with a taste of Brennan
and Booth: The Couple, but leaving plenty of room for more. They still
have to have their first non-blackmailed kiss (no, I will not address
the ridiculousness of blackmailing a co-worker to kiss another for your
puckish amusement; I’m just going with it) and everything else.

So, do you like it when TV
couples finally get together? Where should Brennan and Booth’s
relationship go from here? And, most important, what kind of gum was

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