Locate TV: a new way to find your favorite shows


As I am prone to do, I was
wandering around the Web over the weekend and came across a great tool
to find out what’s playing on TV. No, it’s not TV Guide. Although
now that I’ve mentioned TV Guide, I have an excuse to post this.

Best. TV Guide. Cover. Ever.
Pictures like that are why I continue to buy TV Guide even though
its channel listings are too small to read.

With LocateTV, which launched its public Beta version
in October, my aging vision is not a problem. And it’s a lot of fun
to play with. The site describes itself well:

“The idea behind LocateTV
is simple — to let you find TV shows available where you live in the
world, be they on broadcast TV, online or on recorded media (DVD, HD-DVD

You can search by title, actor
or category — sort of like TiVo, but free. I was in the mood for Jodie
yesterday (as if I’m not always in the mood for Jodie) so I entered
Jodie Foster.” Um, I mean I put her name in the search
box. Her directorial debut, Little Man Tate, was showing at 3:15
p.m. CST on Encore.

Even better, I learned that

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, an early Foster film that
I don’t remember seeing, is on at 3 a.m. Wednesday on TCM. Recorder

Happen to have a Jodie Foster
site and want to alert your readers about upcoming TV appearances? Just
click “embed” and voila! A widget.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane at LocateTV.com

The widgets update with the
schedule, so you know which episode of your favorite series is coming
up. Next L Word?

The L Word at LocateTV.com

Oh, wait — an excuse to post
an L Word picture. Just pretend Papi isn’t there.

So far, the online links go
only to paid downloads, but streaming sites (the legal ones) are on
their way. Genre searches could use some work — a search for Christmas
shows got mixed results. Right now, only three countries are
represented, but that will expand in the future. You can keep up with
upgrades on the LocateTV

As the networks run out of
new episodes as a result of the writers’ strike, LocateTV will be especially
useful. I’m keeping tabs on Gossip Girl, so I can start from the beginning and eventually catch up with all the cool lesbians.

What about you? What shows
are you glad to find? Any interesting search results?

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