“Celebrity Apprentice”: now with even less reason to watch


Maybe I’m asking too much,
but I think reality shows with "celebrity" in the title should
be required to feature actual celebrities. You know, people who are
well known, preferably for something besides appearing on reality shows.
This, for example, is not a celebrity.

I’ll give Omarosa credit
for making
the most
of losing
the Apprentice, but please. She’s not even good at being bitchy.
Maybe Donald Trump‘s ego has convinced him that she is a celebrity
and that’s why she’s one of the "stars" on the upcoming

Celebrity Apprentice. But I beg to differ.

How about this next contestant —
do you recognize the face? (Yes, I want you to look at her face.)

Let me help you out. Her name
is Tiffany Fallon. Doesn’t ring a bell? Strange, since, according
to her
, she’s

"quickly becoming known in Hollywood as one of the great new faces
in broadcasting." However, your instincts (no matter how primitive)
on seeing her picture probably were correct. Fallon actually is best
known for being the 2005 Playboy "Playmate of the Year."

And what about Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch?

Don’t get me wrong; Finch is awesome. In fact, here’s a picture
of the pitcher in action to prove my adoration of
her, um, softball skills.

I just don’t think she could
be categorized as a celebrity in an audience less refined than AfterEllen.com
readers. She would, however, be on my list for Lesbian Apprentice.
Winner gets to work closely with a top lesbian for a year. Or a bottom
lesbian. But I digress.

Others among the Celebrity
cast have enjoyed household name status, albeit some
time ago. Nadia Comaneci certainly achieved celebrity when she
became the first Olympic gymnast to earn a perfect score of 10.0 — and
then went on to earn six more. I realize she’s not that little girl
anymore, but I can’t help wishing she had passed on Trump’s show as
a way to raise her profile.

Celebrity Apprentice will differ from previous versions
— the cast will have separate hotel rooms and will not receive awards
for winning the various challenges. Instead, they will compete on behalf
of charities and the overall winner’s charity gets an additional $250,000.

Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump
again will join their father as judges in the boardroom.

One contestant I am looking
forward to seeing is Marilou Henner, who was a weekly fixture
for me when she was on Taxi. And even though Evening Shade

was not a favorite of mine, Henner won a Golden Globe for playing the
wife of Burt Reynolds‘ character.

OK, Henner is a legitimate
celebrity. That’s one. You can judge the others for yourself — here’s the list. I may tune in for a few minutes to
look at Finch and to see if Henner and Comaneci are as young looking
as their pictures. Beyond that, I’m already bored.

Is anyone planning to watch
Celebrity Apprentice
? What do you think of the lineup? Would any
celebrity have enough appeal to cancel out Trump’s lack thereof? Who
would be on your version of Lesbian Apprentice?

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