Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (November 16, 2007)



I was in L.A. last Sunday to give a video presentation on groundbreaking lesbian
moments in television at the annual POWER UP fundraiser, the Power Premiere. The dress for the evening
was what I call Lesbian Formal, which means a sea of lesbians in black pantsuits (and a few straight women in bright colors). It was a long night and I
was pretty focused on not forgetting my speech, so I don’t remember everything
that was said or heard, but here are a few highlights for you to go along with
all the photos.

Best Dressed: This award easily goes to Michelle Paradise
in her jacket and tie. Judging by all the comments &#8212 like "Okay wow
… michelle paradise … swoonworthy" (dj shiva);
"Michelle Paradise! She looked GORGEOUS!" (Renee);
and "All other ladies step aside or what? That was Michelle Paradise’s
night" (IfOnly) &#8212 it seems many of you agree.

Here’s a close-up of Michelle on the red carpet with Michelle Wolff
(Dante’s Cove), but you can see her
strike a full-length pose (several, actually) here.

Second place for Best Dressed? I’d say it’s a tie between Michelle
in her
leather jacket
, Renee
her sequined silver tank top and white pants
, and Mandy
in her black-rimmed glasses
. But let me know what you think in the comments.

Best Photo: Jill
and Maeve Quinlan kissing on the red carpet

(just for fun, and to promote their upcoming web series 3-Way
but more about that on the next page).

Best Save: Halfway through the evening, Thea Gill
and Michelle Clunie brought the cast of Dante’s Cove
up on the stage and announced they would be walking through the room picking
up donation cards, which appeared to be news to the cast. Always quick
on her feet, Jill held up her six-inch heels, leaned into the microphone, and
said, "Do you think I’d have worn these shoes if I’d known I was going
to be walking anywhere?"

Most Interesting Revelation: When introducing director Donna
, who was receiving the night’s big award, Thea
volunteered that Desert Hearts
meant a lot to her when it came out because she had a huge crush on her English
teacher at the time. And she wasn’t talking about a male professor.

Best Auction Item: At the end of her speech, Donna and the
cast of Desert Hearts
brought out one of the last remaining original
posters of the movie and offered to give it to the highest bidder with all their
signatures. After a lot of back and forth between bidders, it finally sold for

Best/Only Toaster Oven Joke: When introducing the video onstage
with Renee O’Connor, I talked about the important role lesbian
TV characters have played in the coming-out process for many women, thanking
Renee "on behalf of the lesbian people" for her Xena character,
Gabrielle, "helping at least six women I know discover their attraction
to women." Later, Lori and I snapped a quick photo with Renee and her manager, Michelle Grant.

Many of you have asked if I can show you the video I made for the event. Unfortunately
I can’t put it online due to copyright restrictions, but Lori and I discussed
many of the clips I included in the presentation in last
week’s She Made Me Watch This!

I saved the best news for last: I bribed my friend and co-worker Ashley into
showing up and interviewing all the ladies on the red carpet. So in lieu
of posting our She Made Me Watch This! video blog this weekend, we’re going to post a video of interviews from the red carpet with Guinevere Turner, Michelle
, Renee O’Connor, Thea Gill, Jill Bennett, Maeve Quinlan
and the South of Nowhere
girls, and more. Watch it here now!.

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