Sarah Michelle Gellar: the innocent years


or loathe ’em, you couldn’t look away from Sarah
Michelle Gellar
‘s pictures in her

Maxim spread.
But some SMG fans are choosing to focus on the more wholesome side of
her career.

This week, posted this adorable clip from a Burger
King commercial Gellar did when she was four.


All together now: Aww! This
commercial sparked its own
it aired; it was one of the first American ads to directly name a competitor.
McDonald’s not-too-brightly responded by suing not only Burger King
and its ad agency, J. Walter Thompson, but also the adorable four-year-old
Gellar. When I worked on the McDonald’s account, the story was that
she was banned from Mickey D’s after that, but I doubt it. Especially
since she wishes McDonald’s a Merry Christmas in this BK holiday spot.



That’s Leah Thompson‘s
lap she’s sitting on — that would give me a merry Christmas, to be sure.
And Elizabeth Shue is on the right. My, how they grow up.

Here’s Sarah at age 11 on
Spenser for Hire



I don’t know about you, but
I couldn’t do anything but eat ice cream after I got my tonsils out.
Then again, she did grow up to be The Slayer.

Gellar was on the short-lived
series Girl Talk when she was 12. ET surprised her with a clip
of it during an interview. The video is out of synch, but I think the
cuteness is worth it.



Of course, the role that got
SMG noticed was Kendall Hart in All My Children. The character
certainly wasn’t all sweetness and light, but she had her moments.

You know, I feel a lot better
now about those nasty ol’ Maxim pictures.

How about you? Do you remember
any early SMG? What’s your favorite “sweet Sarah” role?

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