“Buffy” comic book: No future for Faith


[Warning: Spoilers galore!]

Since March of this year, many Buffy fanatics
have been Glory-ing (I couldn’t resist) in the season
8 comic book resurrection of Buffy and the Scoobies —
both proper and fringe. The last three comics have
been devoted to our favorite uber bad girl hero,
Faith. And now, three-fourths of the way through the four-issue Faith story arc nihilistically titled “No Future
For You,” we’ve got ourselves one heck of a cliffhanger.

Even if Faith’s head is not
precisely poised on the chopping block, Lady Genevieve Savidge (aka Gigi) is wielding
a mean-ass ax and feeling more than a little betrayed. How, oh how, will Faith
extricate herself from this pickle? We’ll find out when the current Faith story line
wraps up in issue No. 9, due out Dec. 5 (with the best. comic. cover. ever.). Until
then, let’s discuss how she got to this point in the first place, shall we?

Issue No. 6 opened with Faith stationed at the hellmouth in Cleveland — and no, that isn’t
redundant. Cleveland is actually quite a lovely city, despite how much I hate, loathe
and despise their football team. I’m an evolved woman. I can compartmentalize
pretty much everything.

Anyway, Faith is tasked with the unenviable nasty cleanup jobs, like staking kiddie
vampires, and is entertaining the recriminating voice in her head. Her existence is
entirely in the shadows, solitary and stark, mirrored perfectly in how depressingly
decrepit her apartment is. No finely appointed Scottish castle teeming with activity for
our girl Faith. Her slayer stipend must be paltry.

While Faith doesn’t spend a
moment bemoaning her lot, this is not to say that the allure of a better life, dangled before
her eyes first by Giles and later by Gigi, doesn’t garner her attention.
Faith takes Giles up on his offer of money and a clean criminal record, but even in this,
Faith isn’t all dreamy eyed about a tabula rasa. No, her sad doe-eyed fatalism is too
entrenched for that. She takes the assignment that Giles has pitched because, in her
mind, that’s what a true hero does. A hero goes in and does what no one else can, or will,

This is perhaps the most poignant moment in the evolution of Faith. She’s
resigned herself to being a hero — even if she’s the only one who sees herself in that
role, it’s one that she must believe in.

Tasked with killing off Gigi in order to “save the world,” Faith goes to England and
attends a ball at the Savidge Estate. There she and Gigi bond over fags (who
doesn’t?). And when Faith makes a threatening move, she gets the bejeezus beat out
of her by a pair of flying stone gargoyles — before she goes all medieval on their asses
and rubble-izes them. This proves to be an invaluable “in” with Gigi, who recognizes
the same slayer strength in Faith that she possesses. Gigi nurses Faith back to full
slayer power, cementing their fast friendship. Soon Gigi discloses to Faith her plot
(hatched largely by Gigi’s evil overseer, Roden) to kill Buffy, become Queen of the
Slayers, and enslave the world. Bwahahaha!! What drunk-with-power underling
hasn’t thought about killing off the one in charge and seizing the control and glory for

Faith has been there, tried that. She tries to gently talk Gigi out of her plan, but Gigi’s
having none of it, drunk as she on her own crapulence. It’s apparent that Faith
genuinely likes Gigi every bit as much as Gigi likes her. I mean, for heaven’s sake,
they took a bath together! A true moment of unrivaled comic book hotness.

So, what does Faith do when Roden teleports Buffy from her castle sanctuary to the
Savidge Estate? She tries to spare both Gigi and Buffy. Oh, Faith: You don’t live in
that universe. Buffy goes all accusatory on Faith, knowing nothing of the situation
and not appreciating the predicament that Giles has placed Faith in. While I’d like to
think that by this time Buffy would have more faith in Faith, I’m not surprised by her
reaction — but it still sucked. Back at the castle, Willow locates Buffy and teleports her
out of the Savidge Estate. Faith is left alone, again, but not for long … Gigi is
devastated, feeling infinitely betrayed, and is wielding an ax. Her tear-streaked face
says it all.

Let’s discuss. What have I missed?

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