“Weeds”: still rolling with more to come


In a somewhat ironically timed
announcement, one of the best-written shows on television has been renewed for a fourth season.

Weeds, Showtime’s most
popular original show, is due to start production in April for a summer
2008 premiere. If the writers strike isn’t settled fairly quickly, that
schedule will, of course, change. (Hey, producer/mogul types, just give
the writers their fair share of DVD and new media sales, mm-kay?) But
whenever the next season is, I’m happy we’ll be seeing more of the ever-hot

Mary-Louise Parker, who plays pot-selling mom Nancy Botwin, and
Elizabeth Perkins
as her frustrated foil, Celia Hodes.

Weeds‘ third season
has managed to stay original and funny, with enough twists to keep me
hooked. (No way to say that without a drug pun.) It’s a bit darker than
seasons one and two, but still full of the edgy humor that makes the
show so brilliant. I think Matthew Modine is a strong addition
to the cast as the sleazy developer of Majestic, a Christian community
next to Agrestic. I could live without his continual boinking of Nancy
and Celia, but I like the fact that he is so blatant about using bribery
and manipulation to bring “family values” to the area.

Brooke Smith
has been wonderful, as always. I loved her character Valerie’s interaction with Nancy (despite its
irritating heterosexuality) and hate to see Smith’s guest stint end.

The jury is still out on
Mary-Kate Olsen
, as far as I’m concerned. Her character, Tara, is supposed to be an interesting
contradiction as a Christian, pot-smoking and -dealing, virgin vixen.
But I have no interest in Tara at all. I’m not sure if it’s her lack
of chemistry with Hunter Parrish‘s Silas or just bad acting, but, well, who cares? On
the other hand, Sprague Grayden has joined the cast as
Denise, and I’m already invested in her on the basis of hotness alone.

I’m sure you’re keeping up
with Weeds through Jen and Emma’s vlog, Lesbian Weeds Watching, so I’ll leave the nuances of
plot to them. But let me know what you think
of season three. Are you still watching? Are you happy with the way
the story lines are going? What would you like to see happen in the closing
weeks of season three? And may I show you just one more hot picture
of Mary-Louise?

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