“Prison Break” spin-off puts women behind bars


If you’re anything like me, you have little interest in watching boys run around trying to escape from other boys and the prisons they build. That’s not to say I don’t like Prison Break. It’s not horrible, but there’s just way too much testosterone. Plus, the show is starting to look a little bit like a lost puppy during this third season.

The drooping ratings and recycled story lines do not, however, dampen my enthusiasm for the the recent news that the folks in charge of Prison Break are planning a spin-off. Now, normally I’m not a big spin-off girl, unless you’re talking Star Trek. But, in this case, I think I’ll make an exception. Why? Because this spin-off is all about the girls.

You heard me correctly. Think of your love for the Charlie’s Angels “women in prison” episode.

Now think of your love for Bad Girls.

Now imagine something a lot less campy than Sabrina and the gang and more American than Nikki and Helen. That’s what Fox is cooking up for its Prison Break spin-off. Attention shoppers! Your women-in-prison fantasies are now available on aisle 6.

Fox is reportedly still trying to cast the lead role, but they have yet to find a suitable actress. Since I am a helpful sort of person, I thought I would throw some ideas at the poor befuddled producers. Perhaps you have some thoughts of your own you’d like to add as well? Feel free to chime in.

We all know that Jorja Fox needs a new gig. What say we find her one that in no way involves her shacking up with her creepy boss?

I’d love to see Claudia Christian again on a weekly basis. OK, maybe she’s more the Matron Mama Morton type. Now that would be fun to watch.

I adored Lauren Velez way back in the days of New York Undercover. I got reacquainted with her in the confines of another prison on Oz. I think she’s make an oustanding tough girl.

You probably all know by now that I have a deep infatuation for a certain “soup” chef. That infatuation began long before she wooed my favorite tennis player. I’d love to see Lauren Lee Smith kicking butt and taking names like she did back in her Mutant X days.

Any of these ladies would do the trick for me, but my favorite choice would be someone who could be just a little crazy. I’m thinking blonde hair, blue eyes, looks good in leather and has a voice that can either charm you or scare the pants off you, depending on her motives. I’m thinking Hudson Leick should come back to series TV.

Any other babes you’d like to see behind bars?

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