Natalie Bassingthwaighte thinks she can host (and sing and act)


This month, Australia’s own version
of So You Think You Can Dance announced its host,
Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Australian and British audiences know
Bassingthwaighte as Izzy from Neighbours and as the lead singer
of the Rogue Traders, but here’s a visual for everyone else:

Bassingthwaighte has done well for
herself with the new role, beating out other stars such as
Natalie Imbruglia for the position. There doesn’t appear to be word
on the dance prize
for the Australian winner, but Bassingthwaighte is excited about the
prospects of the show, which is currently auditioning dancers and set
to air in 2008.

This month also saw the launch of the
new Rogue Traders new album Better in the Dark. If you’re not
familiar with the electro-pop style of the group, here’s a look at their
video for “Voodoo Child,” which, incidentally, was featured on a
Doctor Who
episode this year.

It’s appropriately Halloweenish for the
season: The disembodied face does creep me out a little, but Bassingthwaighte
translates into one of the hottest black and white drawings ever.

About her stage dress (of which I
am a fan), Bassingthwaighte comments:

    "It’s kooky — you can get away
    with anything. I’m sure a lot of fashionistas would say you can’t, but
    it’s not like I would wear those clothes down the street. It’s a costume for me, it’s like fancy dress or dress-ups
    when you’re a kid. You’re putting on a persona for the audience, which
    is exciting for the audience and something a bit different to your everyday

Bassingthwaighte’s upcoming projects
include trying to pursue a film career in Australia and in the U.S. lists her current project as Prey, set
to come out next year, in which a group of Australians stumble unwittingly
into an sacred —
but cursed —
Aboriginal site with a nasty 100-year-old curse.

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