Torchwood: I shagged an alien


Torchwood, the hit spin-off of the everlasting British sci-fi series
Doctor Who, has a very special episode this week. This Saturday,
Torchwood team member, computer whiz and occasional odd-girl out
Toshiko Sato has a close encounter of the lesbian kind. Set your
DVRs, girls.

Feeling a little lonely and underappreciated, Tosh meets a sassy
blond named Mary in, where else? A bar. Mary has a gift and a secret
for Tosh, played with consistent awesomeness by Naoko Mori, whom you
might not recognize as the actress who played Sarah, Saffy’s friend on
Absolutely Fabulous.

I know it’s spoilery, but here’s my favorite line, after Tosh and
Mary, uh, get to know each other.

Mary: Say something.

Tosh: So, I’m shagging a woman and an alien.

Mary: Which is worse?

Tosh: Well, I know which one my parents would say.

Torchwood airs Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on BBC America.

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