“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” gets a premiere date


The future is now for Terminator:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
. OK, fine, technically the future doesn’t

begin until Jan. 14, 2008. But you can see why a gal would get excited.

Fox has finally announced a premiere

for the much-anticipated

small-screen Terminator spin-off starring Lena Headey

and Summer Glau.

With Bionic Woman

yet to live up to its kick-ass potential, The Sarah Connor

Chronicles is

the new season’s last hope to deliver a

strong female sci-fi hero. With any luck, thanks to Lena and Summer,

we might even get two.

Besides adding the world “Terminator”

to the show’s title, it doesn’t seem like Fox has fussed much with

the series since the pilot debuted this summer. The series has been

moved to Monday instead of Sunday, and will be a lead-in

to 24. So, this means Fox is going to give me a two-hour block

featuring Lena Headey, Summer Glau, Cherry Jones, Janeane

Garofalo and Carly Pope?

Has Rupert Murdoch been reading my dream journal again? The new, recut

trailer certainly makes me think that someone has heard my silent pleas

for more Lena in action.



I have only three words after

seeing that: Pump-action shotgun. Hell to the yeah. Is it January yet?

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