Ellen’s dog fight continues


On Tuesday, I blogged about Ellen DeGeneres‘ troubles with a pet adoption agency. Well, as these things often do, the drama has escalated — all the way to death threats. It seems the owners of the Mutts and Moms agency have received phone calls and e-mails threatening bodily harm and arson. They continue to refuse to return Iggy the dog to Ellen’s hairstylist’s home.

My favorite part of the AP story is this comment from a spokesperson for the owners of the agency:

“[Marina Batkis, one of the owners,] is adamant that she is not going to be bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world … They are using their power, position and wealth to try to get what it is they want.”

Uh, the “Ellen DeGenereses of the world”? You mean there are more gay, funny, dancing talk show hosts out there somewhere? Wait, does he mean this world, or Planet Unicorn?

Some reports are saying that Portia, not Ellen, signed the adoption agreement; other reports say nobody signed anything; others note that the agency didn’t follow its own home inspection and microchip procedures when Iggy first went to Ellen’s house. Who knows how it will all shake out. I do know that the threats of death and arson are pretty pathetic — it’s obvious that both Ellen and Iggy advocate pie-throwing, not violence, in cases like these.

TMZ.com has a video clip from Ellen’s pre-taped show (set to air on Wednesday). Tune in to your local broadcast for the full story, and check Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. on Friday for further updates and commentary. (Or, well, if it’s something really earth-shattering or we feel really inspired, we’ll blog about it first.)

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