No more with feeling, Fox tells “Buffy” fans to hush


Want to sing and dance with 800 or so like-minded Buffy fans while “Once More With Feeling” plays on a theater screen in front of you? Too bad, show’s over. As Sarah and Lori mentioned (or rather, ranted) in their vlog, apparently the Screen Actors Guild sent a request for payment to Fox execs after realizing the midnight Buffy sing-along screenings across the country were a for-profit venture. Seems the actors haven’t been getting their residuals.

Now, I’m all for making sure the folks who make things get paid for what they make. So I happen to think that Fox should just pony up and send off the checks. Problem is, Fox apparently is concerned that doing so might bankrupt them. So instead, they pulled the license they granted to put on the shows in the first place. That’s right, ladies: the Gentlemen have returned and stolen our voices.

Lucky for us, Joss Whedon happens to think it’s a crying shame. He loves the midnight sing-alongs. And really, why wouldn’t he? Seriously, doesn’t every show creator hope to one day hold a cult status equal to, or perhaps even greater than, Brad and Janet? “Time Warp,” anyone?



At least Whedon is on our side, though he admits he doesn’t have a whole lot of pull when it comes to the bigwigs over at Fox. But it’s nice of him to try. There’s also an online petition you can sign to try to convince the powers that be to bring back the sing-along screenings.

I have a better idea. Set Willow loose on them. She can place them all under her spell. Ask Tara, she’ll tell you.



If that doesn’t work, we may have to sic the whole gang on them. They’re unbeatable when they stick together, even if they are occasionally dysfunctional, manipulative and secretive.



If even that effort fails, we could try the old subterfuge route. Sing “Time Warp” while “Once More With Feeling” plays overhead. Seriously. Check it out.



In the meantime, my big-screen TV is primed and ready. My basement seats about 20. And just so I don’t get into trouble with Fox, my showings are free. Anybody in?

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