Character pages make IMDb more addictive than ever


As if I didn’t already spend too much time following links on IMDb, the site recently introduced

character pages, which (as one might guess)

track the appearance of characters in and across different movies, television shows and video games (thanks to

Pop Candy for the heads up). I’ve been wanting this feature for about as long as I’ve

been using the site — and not simply for yet another excuse to browse (and browse, and browse). It certainly would have come in handy back when I blogged about

Young Victoria;

instead of racking my own wee brain for other flicks about the Queen, I could have racked the hive mind.

The character page for Mrs. Brown is impressive, but her 26 appearances seem meager when compared

to Queen Elizabeth‘s 57. Since the pages include photos, you can get all of

your Virgin-Queen-in-armor needs fulfilled in one convenient place.

Or not. Character pages, including photos and “bios,” are compiled by IMDb users, so they’re only as thorough or as organized as the fans.

As of now, the Golden Age stills (beautiful though they may be) are the only

Queen Elizabeth pictures, and she has no biography at all. The user-driven format also means that it’s a bit of a popularity contest yet —

[warning: link contains spoilers] Starbuck has an incredibly lengthy bio

and a handful of quotes, while everyone’s favorite wing governor

doesn’t have a page at all, let alone a record of her many wonderful Helen-isms.

Some dedicated Bad Girls fan needs to get on that right away (that, not her — minds out of the gutter!). The quote list can start with

“Nice suit.”

Some of the other fun pages I’ve found are for Wonder Woman

(described as “the greatest superheroine of the DC Universe”), Ursula Buffay

(who gets neither photos nor a bio, but whose possession of a page is a testament to Lisa Kudrow‘s comedic genius),

and Hillary Clinton (respectfully given a page independent of the real Hillary Clinton

and who, in addition to her many Saturday Night Live appearances, has graced shows from Roseanne to Robot Chicken).

So far I’ve been good at pointing out what’s missing but haven’t contributed a thing (for which one has to

register at no cost) — anyone have a favorite character you can’t allow

to remain page-less?

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