The Lo-Down Episode 2: “Heroes”, “Life” and “Ugly Betty”


Last week (it seems like an eternity ago), I launched a vlog about people of color in entertainment with my friend and co-host, Sarah Pecora, and we asked you guys to help us determine what we should call it. Well, you delivered! Although I still have a fondness for The P.O.C. Report, I was shamelessly won over by mlei’s utilization of my last name in the phrase “The Lo-Down.” So welcome to the first official episode of The Lo-Down!

This week, we talk about three shows we watched last week on TV (last week’s episodes, not this week!):

  • Heroes, including new hero Dania Ramirez’s lesbian connection and her thrilling new X-Files-ish power.
  • Why Sarah thinks Sarah Shahi is better on Life than in The L Word (Malinda maintains it’s about hot pants).
  • Our favorite lines from Ugly Betty, and Malinda’s favorite fantasy role model from UB.

We also continue to provide relevant P.O.C. acronyms at key moments. Speaking of acronyms, last week several of you called us out for misspelling “Philipino Olympic Committee” (as an adjective, it’s actually Filipino). Before I get started on my rant about spelling (believe me, I have one!), let me just say that we got the acronyms from, but even then, I got things wrong. The actual acronym they suggested is Philippine Olympic Committee, which does exist.

Check out this week’s vlog:

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