TV alerts: “CSI,” “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” return; plus Melissa Etheridge talks to Dave and Regis


After last night’s premiere bonanza, tonight is all about the returning shows.

On CSI (CBS), we may find out whether Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) escaped from the miniature killer’s clutches. We still won’t know what she ever saw in Grissom.

On The Office (CBS), Michael thinks the office is cursed. The first four episodes this season are hour-long Pam-apaloozas. (No, they don’t really focus on Pam, but I will.)

And Emmy winner America Ferrera returns in Ugly Betty on ABC.

Also notable: Smallville (CW) features a “mysterious female savior” and Survivor: China (CBS) features mudwrestling (how do you say “jump the shark” in Mandarin?). And some show called Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air, despite my midnight incantations to the contrary.

Bonus! Melissa Etheridge and Whoopi Goldberg are on Late Show With David Letterman tonight and Melissa and Sally Field are on Live With Regis and Kelly tomorrow.

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