“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.04 “False Identity”



The newbie: Officer Gina Rossi yells a lot.

The naughty: Yvonne gets a little lovin’.

The nefarious: Barbara’s stepchildren threaten to compound her crimes.

A disclaimer — No Helen + Very little Nikki = Short, half-hearted recap.

Di-abolical — Di is watching her mother sleep. She sees her mother’s bloody lip and asks what happened — did she cut herself with her watch in her sleep? But of course Di did it and is now pretending she didn’t.

Poor Ma Barker. She tries to argue with Di, but Di threatens to put her in a home. It could be campy, I guess, but it’s just evil.

More like Gina Bossy — There’s a new officer on G wing. Her name is Gina Rossi, and she’s surly and not inclined to wait around. She storms into Karen’s office, interrupting a meeting.

Karen, however, is not inclined to be bossed around, so she tells Gina to come back later. Hollamby (the other part of the meeting) says, "We’re not getting Rossi, are we?" Guess her reputation precedes her.

On the prowl — Yvonne is putting on her sexiest clothes (well, if you find prostitutes sexy) in preparation to meet her new "brief," who’s really the guy from the escort service, as arranged by Nikki.

Meanwhile, the others prepare for their visitors. The two Julies are still dreaming about life on the outside — never mind that Julie S. didn’t last five minutes — while Barbara’s worried about seeing her stepchildren.

Barbara: I’m assuming they’ve got something to tell me.

Nikki: Like "piss off and die"?

No wonder Helen loves you, Nik. Funny is sexy. Anyway, neither Nikki nor Barbara has much hope for the visit. But Nikki’s skeptical face breaks into a grin when Yvonne interrupts, revealing her trashy getup.

Nikki: Bloody hell.

Yvonne seems amused too, which is adorable. She promises to give Nikki a "blow by blow" account of her visit with the male escort. Must you?!

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