Lauren Graham bonds with the Peacock


Like many Gilmore Girls fans, I had to stop watching during the sixth season when things started going horribly awry. Even then, though, I kept up with the Girls via recaps on TWoP. You know how you kind of wonder what’s going on with your ex even though you think she’s lost her mind? That’s how I felt. But by the time the series ended, I cared about just one thing: When will I see Lauren Graham again?

Evan Almighty was not a good start for Graham’s post-Gilmore career. I’m still trying to give Flash of Genius the benefit of the doubt — maybe intermittent windshield wipers are more compelling than I realize. But I’m happy to know that we’ll be seeing more of Graham on TV, thanks to a new development deal with NBC.

The seven-figure deal calls for NBC to develop a series around Graham, who worked with the network pre-Gilmore on shows including NewsRadio, Seinfeld and 3rd Rock From the Sun. Several networks and studios had been pursuing Graham, but she said she chose NBC because of president Ben Silverman’s vision for the network. “Also,” she added, “after so many years representing the frog on the WB, I am especially comforted to be part of the only other network with an animal mascot.” Sounds like Lorelei is alive and well, doesn’t it?

I hope part of Silverman’s vision is to have Graham guest star on 30 Rock. (Preferably, without Chandler.) Could they be any cuter?

What kind of show would you like to see for Lauren Graham? Drama? Comedy? Lesbian romance? Hey, a girl can dream.

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