“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 3.7 “Saturday Night Is for Fighting”


Chocolate City — Spencer is at the Farmer’s Market picking at a chocolate donut. Damn, that looks good.

Anyway, Ashley shows up and it looks like someone got after her with The Ronco Rhinestone and Stud Setter. She’s all hooched up and domme-y looking in her sassy black cap and boots. This makes me want to see a cage fight between her and Fisticuffs Carmen.

Smart money is on Ash, as she can afford to pay off the ref.

She’s late, of course, and she has the audacity to make some comment about chocolate being an aphrodisiac even though she knows full well she’s not going to put out for poor little Spencer anytime soon. But Spence has grown accustomed to her diet of crumbs, so she just smiles prettily and squeals, “You came!”

Yeah, but she can’t stay. Kyla needs to be “handled” (?) so Ash is just there to show off a picture of herself in a tabloid and then leave again. I am shocked when she doesn’t ask Spencer if she would like it autographed. Spencer asks why she can’t stay, and Ash complains that Kyla is being a big brat.

But Spencer smells a rat, and like a good wife, she digs the truth out of Ash about Kyla — that she hasn’t told her sister about the record deal. Then she scolds Ash for being so selfish. Then Ash does that thing where she rolls her eyes and whines, which makes Spencer smile and bat her lashes and say, “Oh all right.” Jeez. These two and their little games. I’ll bet their safe word is “codependent.”

Ash splits, and when Spencer gets up to leave, she has a “meet cute” kind of moment with the William Mapother-esque kid that Paula tried to set her up with last season.

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