Tonight: Mary-Kate Olsen is smokin’ in “Weeds”


I’d be less than honest if I said I’m excited about Mary-Kate Olsen’s debut on Weeds tonight. My feelings are so mixed that … well, I can’t think of a metaphor, but I can show you why I’m conflicted. To me, this is Mary-Kate Olsen.

OK, I’m not certain it’s Mary-Kate. It could be Ashley. But you get the point. Don’t you just want to squeeze her cherubic little cheeks? I know she’s 21 and thus officially an adult. I know she would kick my butt if I got anywhere near her cheeks. And I know that now she looks like this.

But she’ll always be Michelle Tanner to me. Still, I’m looking forward to meeting Tara Lindman, the character Olsen plays in Weeds. Tara’s a born-again Christian from Majestic, the new town next to Agrestic. She does volunteer work at a senior citizen’s center, where she meets Silas (Hunter Parrish) — who’s there selling weed to the seniors. Tara and Silas bond over pot smoking — Tara’s beliefs aren’t a conflict because, after all, pot is from the Lord — and start a relationship. Oh, and Tara likes to talk to Silas about Jesus while they’re stoned. Heh. Here’s a promo.



I love Mary-Louise Parker’s expression when Tara says, “The Lord wants me to sell pot, Mrs. Botwin.” This kind of scene is the reason I adore Weeds. And by the way, how hot were Parker, Glenn Close and Kyra Sedgwick presenting together on the Emmy Awards? Whew.

Be sure to watch Emma and Jen’s vlog, “Lesbian ‘Weeds’ Watching,” to find out what they think of Olsen’s character. Maybe they’ll even do a reenactment. Meanwhile, weigh in on your opinion of Tara and Olsen’s performance. And tell us how you like the Weeds season so far.

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