“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.03 “The Chains of Freedom”


Still locked up — Karen takes some food to Shell — she’s not allowed to play with the others. Shell is still very disappointed and angry with Karen, and assumes Karen told Fenner about Shell’s past. Karen gets all stern and serious and says she’ll never tell anyone what happened to Shell when she was a kid, because she gave Shell her word on that. Shell seems to believe her.

Cons gone wild — Denny and Shaz are doing their cleaning duty, even though there are no screws around to make them do it. Silly kids. Julie J. is annoyed, but she’s annoyed with everything because she misses Julie S. — so she stomps off to her cell. Barbara stops by to comfort her, and Julie J. pretends to feel better just to get rid of her.

Meanwhile, Josh saunters through the crowd to wolf whistles and lecherous glances, including some from Yvonne. Nikki tells her to leave him alone because they’ll all get locked up again.

Yvonne: Why, who’s gonna catch us?

Nikki: Well, suppose Josh ain’t up for it?
Yvonne: Are you saying I can’t pull?
Nikki: [smugly] What I’m saying is if you’re desperate for it, find someone on the same side of the wire. No one will bat an eyelid. It’s a lot easier and you won’t end up down the block.
Yvonne: You’re joking. Turn lezzie? [makes a disgusted sound] I’d rather shag bleedin’ Fenner first.

We don’t get to see Nikki’s reaction to this, unfortunately. It probably goes beyond disgust and right into revulsion. She must have rolled her eyes again, at the very least. I know I did.

The halfway house — Julie S. models her new ankle bracelet. She and Monica chat a little and end up feeling sad for Julie J., but Monica says Julie S. has nothing to feel guilty about. Of course you don’t: You’re out of jail! Why don’t these people seem to get this? From Crystal to Nikki to Julie S., they all seem to want to go back in as soon as they get out. OK, so Nikki didn’t really want to go back in, but anyway.

Eww — Yvonne finds Josh and grabs his ass before he knows what’s happening. He tells her he’s not interested.

Josh: You’re way too old for me.

Did I say eww? I meant oww. Yvonne looks stunned.

Now that’s more like it — Denny and Shaz have a food fight. Well, they’re only throwing slices of bread, which is a really lame way to have a food fight. Next thing you know they’ll be flinging something really messy and dangerous, like marshmallows.

Before they can kick it into gear, just-got-shot-down Yvonne stops by and shouts at them to clean it up if they want to keep “this setup” sweet.

Yvonne also eyes the knives on the kitchen wall. Before we can even ponder what this might mean, the scene changes: Suddenly it’s after dark, and a mysterious hand is reaching for one of the knives. Oooo.

More ways not to enjoy your freedom — What do you do when you have the run of the prison? Well, you lead everyone in a few rounds of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” of course. That’s even lamer than the food fight.

Yvonne’s still stuck on the rejection thing. She asks Nikki why she never hooks up with any of the inmates.

Yvonne: You’re a good-looking woman. You could have your pick in here, couldn’t you? You got someone on the outside?

Guess Yvonne hasn’t seen the long looks and flirty interactions. Nikki says no, there’s no one — protesting a little too much, but Yvonne’s thinking about other things anyway.

Yvonne: It’s just … I can see why some women are up for it.

She confesses she’s been feeling lonely, but when Nikki tries to comfort her, she pushes her away. Nikki wasn’t really putting the moves on her, but takes the opportunity to tease her.

Nikki: [waggling her eyebrows] Come on, you never know: You might like it.
Yvonne: I said I was down, not bloody desperate, all right?

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