“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.03 “The Chains of Freedom”


An unfair farewell — Julie S. is all ready to go. Julie J. won’t even say goodbye — she just rolls over in her bunk and faces the wall. My girlfriend does that roll thing to me, but in a fakely petulant, hilarious harrumph that results in giggling rather than tears.

Monica Lindsey is outside, ready to take Julie S. to the halfway house. Gosh, that’s very nice of her — did they even know each other very well while Monica was in Larkhall? I guess Monica is truly a charitable soul.

Love among the riots — Helen finds Nikki in the crowd of cons and asks how she’s doing. Here’s what they say:

Helen: Nikki!
Nikki: Hi.
Helen: How’re things?
Nikki: I’m getting by.

But thanks to their body language and the way they look at each other, it comes across like this:

Helen: Nikki! Wow, how can you look that good?
Nikki: I dunno, but seeing you — especially in that leather jacket — makes me tingle all over.
Helen: Do you still love me?
Nikki: You know I’ll never stop.

(If you skimmed the recap and thought that was actual dialogue, I do apologize!)

Helen asks Nikki to help her keep an eye on things.

Nikki: Come on, you know I don’t like playing prefect.
Helen: Look, if anyone steps out of line, it’s gonna mean that you all get banged up again. Maybe for days. And none of us want that, do we?

Ha, Nikki actually rolled her eyes! Cheeky.

She points out that she has already missed her meeting with her solicitor.

Helen: We can set up another meeting. Things are movin’, so don’t worry.
Nikki: [nodding, softening] How ’bout you?
Helen: Ugh, don’t ask. I’ve got this bloody report to do on Shell’s attack and Jim Fenner.
Nikki: Well, I hope you hang the bastard out to dry.

Unfortunately, Helen doesn’t think that’s going to happen. She reminds Nikki that Shell smuggled the bottle out of Hollamby’s party and was clearly out to get Fenner. This makes Nikki raise her us-and-them hackles again, but Helen knows just what to say to keep things peaceful and playful between them.

Nikki: So, the lucky bastard rides again, eh?
Helen: [smirking] I’m afraid I couldn’t possibly comment.

Sigh. And swoon. They grin at each other, then turn and go about their business, still somehow on the same side despite the power differences.

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