TV alerts: All Jodie, all the time


What is this, national Jodie Foster week? I’ve already alerted you to some late-night Foster (hmm) on Letterman tonight (Monday), but I thought I should also give you a tip for the morning after: She’ll be on Live With Regis and Kelly on Tuesday.

Foster at the Toronto International Film Festival

And if you’re still not sated after all that, she’ll also be on The Daily Show Tuesday night. Jon Stewart, please be a truly brave one and ask her some tricky questions! Oh, never mind: In my world, every week is Jodie Foster week, so I don’t really care what she does or says, as long as I get to behold her once in a while. (And you thought my Beals love was extreme.)

Speaking of beholding, Entertainment Weekly has a nice gallery of Foster roles through the decades. The tomboylicious Freaky Friday picture should make you understand why that film had quite an impact on five-year-old me.

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