Tina Fey snags a “Soprano”


What is it about Tina Fey that has all of Hollywood wanting to appear on her show? Notable appearances have been or will be made by many a LaLa Land celeb, including Isabella Rossellini, soon-to-be View co-host Sherri Shepherd, Rip Torn, Stephanie March and Jerry Seinfeld, who will appear in this season’s opener. And now this news: Carmela Soprano alter ego Edie Falco has been added to that illustrious list.

It will be Falco’s first TV gig since The Sopranos faded to black and her first network guest appearance since 2004, when she popped in on Will & Grace. So again, I ask you, what has Tina Fey got that keeps enticing such talent to sit through anything with Alec Baldwin?

OK, you’re right. I already know the answer to that question.

According to the reports so far, Falco will be around for a three-episode arc. Just exactly what she’ll be doing during those three episodes hasn’t yet found its way into spoilerville, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Until then, here are some ideas that would certainly amuse me.

1. Board of Standards and Practices crony — I’m thinking a combination of long-suffering Carmela and Oswald “OZ” Penitentiary’s Officer Diane Whittelsey.

2. Overzealous fan — I’d prefer something in the Minya mold rather than the stalker mold.

3. Out-of-work writer begging for a job — This has the potential to be depressing and hysterical at the same time, depending on the lengths the writer is willing to go to get the gig.

Where do you think she’ll fit?

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