“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “The Truth Hurts”


If I strip for you, will you strip for me — Spencer is wiggling around in her bed, giggling maniacally as she tosses clothes out from under her blankets. It’s cute, especially if you remind yourself that the actress playing Spencer is a legal adult. She climbs out of the bed wearing a shirt and her skimpy bloomers and asks Carmen if she can pose for her this way, only seminude-ish.

Carmen (smartly) calls her a “wimp,” so Spencer whips her top off. [Note to self: Taunting girls can actually make them disrobe.]

Spencer: Can you just sketch it already, please?
Carmen: Girl, who wants to sketch? I just want to see you naked.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
You’re a raging, homophobic mother who’s prone to violence.
“You’re a raging, homophobic mother who’s prone to violence” who?

Paula does the controlling mom knock, which mean she raps lightly on Spencer’s door as she’s flinging it open. Spencer runs and jumps under the covers — which makes her look really guilty — as Paula and Arthur stand in her doorway, horrified. Aw, sweet. They finally agree on something!

Spencer quickly tells them that “it” is not what it looks like, and Arthur says grimly, “I’m not really sure what it looks like.”

I know what it looks like.

Spencer: It’s … art?

Arthur makes note of Carmen, who is standing behind her canvas with an amused look on her face. Oddly, she doesn’t seem worried about the prospect of getting an ass full of buckshot as she dives through Spencer’s bedroom window or getting all of her hair ripped out by the Lightweight Bitch Fight Champ of all MILF-dom. (You know who I’m talking about.)

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